News|May 24, 2011 1:16 pm

Salman Rescue Pritam

Salman Khan who has always rescued his friends, has once again did it, Pritam Chakraborty the music composer of the film Ready has been into lot of controversies for the songs he has given music, but Salman has sorted all out now.

Source Said,

Pritam has been surrounded by controversies after the music of Ready became a big hit. Recently, Anu Malik called up to congratulate producer Bhushan Kumar for the film’s musical success and added that Mein karoon toh saala resembles a song that he had composed years ago!

Another guy accused Pritam of using his lyrics. Someone else said he had apparently, stolen his tune. All this had left the composer very unhappy and disillusioned.

At the promotion event of Ready when pritam was being questioned for the lyrics by the people and media,Source said, Salman asked the media why they were questioning Pritam about it as he is the music director and not the lyricist.

When someone again asked the composer about Anu Malik’s assertion, Salman quipped, ‘Haan thoda bahut tune similar hoga lekin Pritam ne Anu ka flop song likkhke gaana hit bana diya.

On this situation Pritam Said,

I am not very good at defending myself, so when Salman defended me I became emotional. In fact when I came back to my room, Bhai came in, touched my shoulder and said, ‘I have cleared all the points the media had against you dude. I hope you are okay now. Nobody will trouble you after this.

It’s very disheartening that people come up with false and baseless allegations all the time. I have asked my legal team to respond to every accusation, in court,

Also Bhushan Kumar the producer of Ready said

When a song like Mein karoon toh saala becomes a hit everyone wants a piece of the pie. The court dismissed the petition of the guy who claimed that these were his lyrics, yesterday. Salman was very sweet and defended Pritam who has been under a lot of stress, lately.