News, TV|August 4, 2010 12:00 am

Salman: Next Host of Big Boss

We have been talking about Big Boss from so many days. Earlier Fillum reported SRK, Sachin Tendulekar, Akshay Kumar are major options who can host Big Boss. But here comes the news, who is following the steps of Amitabh Bachchan? It’s neither Shahrukh, nor Sachin or Akshay. Then who is he? He is Salman Khan who is all set to follow the steps of Big B and give competition to him.Apparently, Big B’s KBC will come on the same slot on another channel. Salman Khan will give competition to Amitabh Bachchan. The actor says,

“This is standard procedure that channels follow. I don’t really care about TRPs. I just like connecting with my audience, which is why I’m doing more of television.’’ The actor goes on to say that he’d love to do more television to reach out to his fans. “For me, television is a way of returning the love and affection that I have got from the audience for the past 22 years. Now they get to see me in the comfort of their homes, and that too for free.’’

When asked about how will present the show. And does he feel any comparisons between two. The actor says,

“He had his style and I have mine. Besides, Mr Bachchan is going to host another show in a different format. All these comparisons are nowhere in my mind.’’

The actor feels that he will give his own enthusiasm and way in the show.  He will deal with participants in his own style. Salman says,

“I’m very straight-forward and won’t tolerate hypocrisy or politics in the house. For those who play clean, I’ll be a friend. But those who don’t, can expect the worst,’’

When asked any particular he would like to see on the show, the actor said,

“Myself, because I get along well with ‘inmates’ and am speaking from experience. But on a serious note, I watched the last season while shooting for Wanted and loved to see Vindhoo crying. I’ve also seen the season where Rakhiji (Sawant) was featured.’’

Apparently Salman Khan is also hosting Dus Kaa Dum season 3, well now question is that he will give preference to which show.