News|July 25, 2011 4:55 pm

Salman Makes Sanjay Upset

According to last week reports, Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan were roped in together for the new seasone of Bigg Boss, and now the buzz is that theri was some tention between tboth the actors,

On Maanyata Dutt’s birthday party, it is said that because Sanjay Dutt didnt axcept the off of playing Salman’s father in Bodyguard, Salman expressed disappointment,

According to Sources,

Sallu told her that he wont address her as bhabhi, but by her name,

Sanjay dutt got angry on this behaviour of Salman to his wife. also Salman behaved rudely to Kumar Gaurav who is brother in law of Sanjay Dutt,

Source Said,

Salman told Kumar Gaurav that he had launched new girls into stardom. So he could even give a hit debut to his daughter Saachi. Before things got real ugly, Prashant and Rohit Jugraj escorted him out.

This got Bigg Boss crew in big tension as the pair of Salman and Sanjay is reportedly supposed to bring aproximately Rs. 7 to 9 Crore approximately in each episode of Bigg Boss, and if their is tension between these tow, the show will face loss, but on set of promo the shoot of Bigg Boss, after the shoot got over, when Sanjagave a hug to Salman everyone gelt good thinking their will nto be any isue for the show,

Source said,

Even though the deal was signed. It tool a lot for Sanjay to not walk out of the show. Moreover it was Salman who had suggested that he and Sanju host the show together.