News|October 13, 2011 4:20 pm

Salman Khan’s ‘I Am Hariprasad’ postponed

Salman Khan starer films ‘Dabangg 2′,’Sher Khan’ and now also ‘I Am Hariprasad’ has been paused for some time,

Source said,

Yes, I Am Hariprasad is not happening till end of next year at the least, Director Prem R. Soni had announced the film with Salman last August. However, ever since then both of them have been quite busy with their other assignments. Salman went on to deliver three blockbusters in the interim period while Prem has started Ishkq In Paris with Preity Zinta. Over the coming year, they both have commitments on other films that would keep them occupied.

So Prem has decided to move on to other film titled ‘Bombay Muumbai’ while Salman completes his other films ‘Dabangg 2’ and ‘Kick’ and’Ek Tha Tiger’,

Source said,

Prem has a good personal and professional relationship with Salman and won’t start anything with him till he is convinced that the film justifies his super stardom,

They have done an experimental film before in the form of Main Aurr Mrs Khanna. Now, I Am Hariprasad, or for that matter any other film that they do, it has to be special. No one wants to do a rush job.

In I Am Hariprasad, Salman’s character is supposed to be that of Godman. The film is a mix of drama and humour and deals with ‘the business of religion’.

Salman Khan confirmed saying,

As of now there is no concrete plan around making the film. It is a very unusual film for Salman as well. However, first I have to wrap up Ishkq In Paris and then make Bombay Muumbai. Only after that will the film with Salman follow.

Other source said,

He first wants to prove his credentials with these two films instead of merely jumping on to the Salman wave. He understands that when these films will work, everything else will follow.