News|August 13, 2010 1:06 am

Salman Khan Donates Bicycle to Street Children

Everybody in the Hindi Film Industry knows that Salman is tough, generous, kind-hearted person and moody person. I was not surprised when I heard that Salman Khan has donated bicycle to street children but when I heard that he donated his own bicycle, I really good about Salman Khan.

The story starts when Salman was getting ready to go out for a ride on his bicycle. While he was getting ready, he saw from his window that two street children were staring at his bicycle. On seeing them Salman came out, but kids got afraid when Salman called them. Initially two of them got scared but later on they had chat with Salman Khan, which goes like this,

“Salman asked, ‘Kya dekh rahe the?” The kids replied, ‘Aapka cycle. Mast hai.” Salman asked them if they would like to own one. The two kids, who were brothers, immediately said, “Yes”.”

Before speeding off on his bicycle, Salman called his assistant and ordered,

“Inko cycle lekar dena, aur aaj hi.”

Now, kids are owner of new bicycle. When asked from one of kids, he said,

“Yes, Salman bhai ne mujhe aur mere bade bhai ko naya cycle lekar diya. Hum bahut khush hain.”