News|April 22, 2010 10:15 pm

Salman Khan as Mogambo in 3D Mr. India 2

Who will forget Mr. India, a movie known for special camera tricks and specially known for ‘Mogambo Khush Hua’. When Mr. India was released in late 1980s, SFX was not part of Bollywood.  This time, Mr. India is coming back in 3D. Amazing part is that Anil Kapoor and Sri Devi will be playing their lead character but who will be playing a role of Mogambo.

Interesting part of the movie is that Salman Khan will play Mogambo. Boney Kapoor, producer of the movie, is planning to make the sequel in 3D with a budget of around Rs. 100 crore that will the cost of technology being used in the movie and also foreign technicians to change the looks of Salman Khan as  Mogambo in the movie.

Since 1997, Sri Devi and Anil Kapoor have not been paired, now after decade, both are coming in sequel of Mr. India, but little older. Confirming the news, Boney Kapoor says,

“I have not zeroed in on who it will be, but they could be known faces. I still have to finalise the director. Currently, two writers are busy completing two separate scripts. I will be choosing one of them.”

Boney also thinks that it will be a challenge for the team, as Salman has never done a negative role before. There will also be a young couple in the film. Though Boney hasn’t decided on who will play the couple, he states that there is a possibility of them being known faces.