News|May 6, 2010 11:45 pm

Salman Khan Adopted Bone Marrow Donation Cause

Now days, Salman Khan is active for many social causes, after organizing an eye camp for senior citizens living in Wai village, Salman has adopted another cause, bone marrow donation cause, which can prove a life saver for patients suffering from several critical diseases, including leukaemia and tuberculosis.

Apparently, Salman came to know about the issue through one of his friends about the difficulty faced by patients in procuring bone marrows because there are hardly any donors.  Salman researched a lot on this topic and now he is trying to create awareness about the issue and has been expressed his desire to become a donor himself.

As per sources,

“Salman, through his Being Human Foundation has decided to collect funds and also donate his own bone marrow. He has been urging his friends to join in the cause and has decided to hold camps to spread awareness on the issue.