News|April 23, 2010 8:14 pm

Salman Khan; A Man with Generosity

People who know Salman Khan, they know he is generous person by heart, but, now his generosity is quite visible to everybody, as he organized an eye camp for senior citizens who were suffering from cataract.

Salman called up a doctor from Mumbai and asked him to attend to old men and women from Wai, where he was shooting for his forthcoming movie, ‘Dabangg’, on the verge of losing their eyesight. Personally he supervised the entire operation and made sure they got proper post-treatment care. Those with cataract were taken to Pune for operation.

Salman also asked the doctors to operate on those with affliction and also provide them with post-operation care. On check-up, 26 people had cataract. Salman travelled with them to Pune to get them operated. The following week, he took another 22 people and got their surgeries done as well. In an addition, Salman also donated over 100 cycles to village kids in Wai.