News|September 30, 2009 1:00 pm

Sallu, Kareena hotting it up!


Well, age is what one feels in the head. So what if Salman Khan is 43, and the svelte Kareena is just 29, according to sources who have seen it, they both make an awesome couple in their latest flick together Mr Aur Mrs Khanna . Director of themovie Prem SOni adds, that their age was never quite an issue while casting, and not even anytime later as they look absolutely the perfect part in the fillum. He further added that the movie is not overtly loud at any phase and as a result, the subtle romantic scenes express their on-screen camaraderie beautifully. First-time director is totally in awe of Sallu Bhai,, and in fact, considers him his God-father. As soon as he wrote the script, he fixed an appointment with Salman, and no sooner did he hear the script, he hopped on board.

He further added that Salman’s reaction when he heard the script was awesome, all he said was, ‘ I’m doing it! ‘ and thats where the project actually took off. He adds he will forever be indebted to Salman Khan for this faith he showed in his capabilities. And, once Sallu Bhai was on board, roping in Kareena was a piece of cake. He fixed up an appointment with her in Goa where she was shooting, and when she heard, Salman has given his nod for the flick, she said, there is absolutely no reason for her to say No!

Well, till now its been smooth sailing for Soni, but with Blue and All The Best releasing on the very same day as Main Aur Mrs. Khanna , its gonna be a tough road ahead, we wish him best of luck though!