News|May 4, 2010 6:33 pm

Sajid Khan refuses to read Housefull reviews

After Hey Baby Sajid khan’s Housefull which is not somuch liked by the audiance, Sajid has has said the he will not be reading or hear the reviews,

According to Sajid he had decided this before the movie release that he will not be reading any rev iews of his fillum Housefull,

When Akshay Kumar once wanted to read the review to sajid, he refused it, He has also asked all the members of the fillum to not to read the reviews,

Sajid said,

“It isn’t as if I’ve anything against critics. It’s just a mannat I took during release. You see, I had actually satirized all the critics through a song
I had composed naming them on stage at an award function. There and then, I decided I have no right to read reviews for my films,”

“I believe the reviews are good. But I’m not reading them. I don’t even want to know what’s in them. My loss. It’s between me and my conscience,”

because their is no good movie coming up and since its weekend, Housefull has got a good opening, and hence sajid thinks that it has got good reviews and is successful in terms of money and not liking.

Well this is Sajid’s Second disliked movie by the Audiance after Hey Baby.