News|September 6, 2011 4:13 pm

Sajid Khan confident about Housefull 2.

Sajid Khan, who directed biggies like Hey Baby and Housefull, the success rate has been almost 100% since the time he began his careera s a director. The director, once again is very confident about the trend to be continuing the same way, as he believes in giving audience the kind of entertainment that they expect from his films.

What’s the point in bringing in something to satiate your ego when instead it makes sense to give audience what they want, questions Sajid, I know that after HOUSEFULL they have a certain expectation from HOUSEFULL 2 and my job is to fulfill them. I also like to bring in situations and scenes that cater to kids and HOUSEFULL 2 won’t be any exception.

When it comes to bringing in moments that are highly appealing to kids, one remembers sequences revolving around a parrot, tiger and a monkey in HOUSEFULL. Hoping to see something on similar lines in HOUSEFULL 2 as well.