News|May 21, 2010 6:12 pm

Sajid: ‘It’s a straight case of extortion’

As we all know that south producer Thennapan had filed a complain against Sajid Nadiadwala for copying his fillum Kadhal Kadhala without the copyrights,

Sajid is not in trouble, Thennapan says that ‘Housefull’ has similarities as his 1988 Tamil fillum ‘kandhala kandhala’ starring Kamal Haasan.

Sajid is in troule is becasue Thennapan has vehemently demanded Rs.3 crore by way of compensation,

And above that Sajid has filed a police case against Thennapan citing his demand as a case of extortion.

Sajid is not agrying to Thennapan, he had given a statement earlier saying that its not a copy and everyone who is complainigng must watch the movie first and then make any statement,

Here is the story – Thenappan files complaint against Sajid Nadiadwala

When asked Nadiadwala about filing a complain against Thennapan, he said,

I had no choice, but to do it. It’s a straight case of extortion and the man has also called up a few people who know me to pressurise me into paying.