News|August 10, 2009 5:52 pm

Saif rocks on FB !

2Well, after the euphoric response his debut production Love Aaj Kal garnered, Saif Ali Khan has enough reasons to feel elated about. He has been appreciated by his fans as an actor too in recent times, and now to be more accessible to his fan following, Saif has also reached various Social Networking Sites . In a recent press conference, Saif was voicing out his mixed emotions for the online world. ” Social networks are great platforms to promote a film. But for celebrities it could sometime pose a problem,” Saif said.

Saif’s popularity at the very famous FaceBook site was so humungous, that he had to put a stop to it, once his pending Friend Request number soared to a phenomenal thousand!  Saif also mentioned how he could not get an email id bearing his name, as some fan had already occupied a fake accountin his family name! Well, Saif, being a celeb has its own perks and quirks, right?