News|December 23, 2010 11:14 pm

Saif Ali Khan Learnt Kickboxing for Agent Vinod

Our bollywood actors have now become quite professional and they are taking different types of lessons to justify their role in their movies. Earlier Fillum has already reported that King Khan has taken gymnastics lessons for his role in “Ra-One”. Now here is a news that Saif Ali Khan has taken kickboxing lessons for his next flick “Agent Vinod”.

The chhote nawab, who is also the producer of the movie, is putting all his efforts to do proper justice to Agent Vinod. According to Saif, the movie is a blend of James Bond and Jason Bourne series. He took kickboxing lessons for three months in Goa and in Mumbai to get the accurate body language and to improve body co-ordination for the action sequences.

His trainer Ziauddin Khatib, who himself is a three time world kickboxing champion, is quite happy with his student. He regards Saif as punctual and sincere student. He says,

“We trained for two to three hours daily. Saif was a very good student and trained religiously. He always came on time, though he had many things to handle. He even went beyond the training necessary to learn sparring so that it will give that extra edge to his fights.”

Well our chhote nawab has now really grown up as an actor in past few years. Lets hope Agent Vinod will add another feather to his career.