News|February 22, 2012 11:29 pm

Saif Ali Khan Granted Bail In Assault Case

As everyone knows tha a case against Saif Ali Khan has been registered for assaulting a man in Taj Hotel, Mumbai, for which Saif had not given any statement till he reached Police station at 8 pm in evening and got his bail,

Saif spoke to media after coming out of the Police station paying 15,000 of bail amount, Saif was accompanied by his girlfriend Kareena Kapoor at the Police station,

Saif clarified the incident saying,

I was assaulted and I was just defending myself. It was an ugly incident and even I have lodged a complaint, the CCTV footage of hotel will prove everything.

Saif Ali Khan, Shakeel Ladak and Bilal Amrohi were brought to the Colaba police station around 8 PM in a police vehicle, after compeliting formalities for bail, all three were elnarged on bail, whole process took one hour,

Source says,

Khan had left his lawyer’s office at Gamdevi in his own car but boarded the police vehicle near Nariman Point where he and others were arrested before being brought to the police station.

Since the actor was booked under lighter, bailable sections of the penal law, he was granted bail by the police instead of having to approach a court.

Though Saif and other two are free right now, but if convicted, they could be punished with imprisonment upto seven years besides fine.

Sharma said that his 68 year old father in law also tried to intervene, and even he was not spared by Saif and his friends, he then went to GT Hospital for a medical examination and reported the matter to the police at 2.30 pm,

According to Sharma, no security person at the hotel were seen when the incident took place, he said,

Our audacity to complain to the management asking them to keep their voice down perturbed him,

He also said the he will make sure that the case goes to full extent of law, it was too late for a compromise to be reached,

We intend to pursue it to the full extent of the law. The criminal process will take its course and then we will consult our attorney and look at the civil aspect, but we will pursue it to the full extent of law,

When asked if he would consider a compromise if approached by Saif, he said,

We have not been approached by Saif or anybody. It is too late for a compromise or apology. He should have apologised to Daddy then. This is not how you behave with a senior citizen. Now it is too late.

his father in law also commented saying,

I cannot say but they were very rowdy. This is no way to behave in a place like the Taj, in a restaurant like Wasabi. It is a Japanese restaurant, it is more of an exclusive place. Very few people go there. For them to behave in that manner is intolerable,

When asked what if Saif Ali Khan and other were in drunken state will they thing about it, Sharma said,

We can’t say they were drunk or intoxicated, but sober people don’t behave like that.