News|May 24, 2011 12:56 am

Roshan Abbas: You Will Fall In Love With Aishwarya

No, its not about Aishwarya Rai, Its the character of the film Always Kabhi Kabhi played by Geselle Monteiro who has acted Harleen Kaur in Love Aaj Kal,

According to Roshan Abbas Aishwarya [Gesellle] will make you fall in love with her,

Roshan said,

When I was looking for Aishwarya I wanted a face which made you say wish she was my love. Geselle has that quality. When we saw her at the auditions, this quality of hers came out in dollops. Wither her innocence and charm, she will make you fall in love with her,

About Geselle’s Hindi, Abbas said,

It was a problem. She said if you change the lines I don’t know what I will do. Don’t change the lines and give me the script in advance. She had practiced her Hindi a lot. She trained under a teacher to get the dialogues perfectly.

Always Kabhi Kabhi is based on a play named Graffiti which is directed Abbas, which revolves around four liv4es trying to compete with the pressure of growing up and the firsts that we all experience in school.

Talking baout the movie he said,

I had done quaite a few shos with Shah Rukh Kan and while doing the shows. I suggested that the paly be turned into a movie. He afteed. I have cast fresh faces because I wanted to make stars than getting stars to act in my movie.

Abbas was asked to define the titile, he explained,

Today’s teens think many things at one time. They always want to do them but only kabhi kabhi do them. They are always in love but kabhi kabhi they fight. The essence of the title and the movie is Kabhi Kabhi jo dil kahe always wahi karein (always do what the heart says sometimes.)