News|September 8, 2010 12:05 am

Roger Spottiswoode Coming with Film on Ramanujan

This will be the first time in Indian Film Industry, when any film will be shot at Trinity College, Cambridge premises. If the college is opening its doors, then it’s obvious that the plot of the film would be unusual. Yes, that’s true, the film will be based on famous Indian mathematician Srinivasa Aiyangar Ramanujan, who completed his research there along with GH Hardy, his mentor.

Earlier, Rohit Jugraj was making a film on Ramanujan, whose idea has now been adapted by Hollywood filmmaker, Roger Spottiswoode, who directed one of the James Bond series Tomorrow Never Dies, will make this film on Ramanujan.

The film titled, A First Class Man will be produced by Chief Creative Officer of Cause Entertainment, the Indian producers of the film, Gauri Menon. The producer said,

“A First Class Man has been granted the honour of being shot at Trinity College. Indian actors are also being considered for Ramanujan’s character in the film. Roger has already met a few actors for the role and will be flying down to India by the end of this year for more screen tests.”

Famous novelist David Freeman, who wrote The Last Days of Alfred Hitchcock, has written the script of this film.