News|December 15, 2011 9:11 pm

Rituparno Ghosh suffers infection due to eye make-up

Bengali filmmaker Rituparno Ghosh is been suffering infection because of the eye makeup, Ghosh has made movies like Chokher Bali, Antarmahal and Dosar, also has a ‘moral of the story’ to share with his friends and fans.

Rituparno tweeted,

Was suffering from a strange itching, irritation in the left eye for the last few weeks and was trying to ease it with gallons of I-tone. Nothing seemed to work. Saw an optician today. It’s an infection due to accumulated eye make-up at both corners(inside) of my eyes. Under medication to help cleanse eyes,

Anybody more or less obsessed than me with eye make-up, please take care to cleanse eye corners properly.

Now this is little hutke news, no affairs-no breakups, no film announcement-no release dates announcements, no trailer releases,

Well we wish Rituparno the best for eyes and healthy skin.