News|September 11, 2011 6:43 pm

Rishi Kapoor will have eight releases this year

Rishi Kapoor, is all set to become a heartthrob once again. The actor is all set to have eight films lined up this year.
As it turns out, Rishi Kapoor’s look of the menacing don in Karan Johar’s Agneepath, is just a taste of more to come. In fact, Kapoor is so busy that in the next two years, he will be seen in at least eight films.

Admitting that he has never been this busier, Kapoor says, “My next release is Hema Malini’s Tell Me Oh Khuda. Then comes Agneepath, Housefull2 and Student Of The Year. I don’t think I have ever handled so many films simultaneously.”

Strangely, Kapoor says he had initially turned down the role of the don in Agneepath. “I felt I couldn’t carry it off. But both, Karan Malhotra (director) and Karan Johar (producer) insisted I take it up.”

Apparently, Kapoor was so afraid he’d be a failure in the role, he even asked that a ‘look’ test be conducted. “I did a ‘look’ test for the first time in my career.

They (Malhotra and Johar) said it was not required, but I insisted. I was worried if the role did not work out well, I’d be held responsible for not being convincing enough.”