News|February 22, 2012 12:55 pm

Rishi Kapoor is all set to pen an autobiography!

Rishi Kapoor will soon pen his autobiography and promises to be extremely candid about the facts of his life.Fast approaching his 60th birthday, in September, Rishi Kapoor is all set to pen the book. And buzz is that three leading publishing houses are all vying to clinch the rights to this book.

Apparently the actor has more or less already zeroed on the publisher he wants to sign, and all that needs to be done is to decide on an author who would write his story for him.

Says Rishi,

Arrey yaar, mujhe likhna to aata nahin (I don’t know how to write). I more or less know who I want to help me write my story. It’s got to be someone who knows me and my work really well.

Rishi also wants this author to stay with him for some time.

I want the writer to tail me for at least three months, so he’d get to know exactly how I live, how I interact with friends and family. I’m very clear that I won’t lie while telling my story.

says Rishi.

Ask him about the decision behind writing his life story and he says,

It’s something I’ve been asked to do for some years now. But never got around to doing. Now that I am nearly 60, I think it’s about time.

One wonders if this book will manage to ruffle feathers in the industry.