News|March 18, 2011 7:38 pm

Remo D’Souza: F.A.L.T.U is autobiographical

Remo is currently nervous, and also excited for his Directorial film F.A.L.T.U,

Its a fillum based on his own experiences, Remo said,

“A lot of what you’ll see in Jackky Bhagnani’s character is me. I’ve made him do a lot of wild things in F.A.L.T.U. But not half as wild as some of the things I’ve done in my own younger aimless days. I was a mediocre student and my marks used to shame my parents. It took years for me to convince them that I wanted to be a choreographer.”

Knowing the fact that F.A.L.T.U is kind of carryover of 3 Idiots, Remo said,

“I had already started shooting F.A.L.T.U when I got to know about 3 Idiots. I immediately rang Raju Hirani up to ask. I was ready to scrap my film if it bore any resemblance to 3 Idiots. When Raju told me that my film was a different comment on our education system from what he was doing I breathed a sigh of relief and went ahead with my film.”

Remo wants to his fillum F.A.L.T.U to be screened first for Raju Hirani, he said,

“I want his opinion because he’s a terrific guy and a terrific director. And like 3 Idiots my film is also about the loopholes in our education system.”

Remo has shown students drinking on the campus, for this he said,

“Let’s face it. Kids today want to work hard and play hard. No point in making them do sneaky fun stuff when they can openly do what they like and not feel guilty about it”