News|August 22, 2009 11:46 am

Ready for another “Fashion” ??

88Designer Rahul Jain was utterly bitterly disappointed with Madhur Bhandarkar’s take on the Fashionistas , and this is what prompted him to take  the shot of making a film on the Fashion Kingdom which shows the true ongoings of the glamour world . Ever since he was a kid, Rahul says, he wanted to direct a movie, and after watching Priyanka Chopra-Mugdha Godse- Kangana Ranaut-starrer “Fashion”, his dream evolved into determination. Rahul Jain gave up his white collar job in 1998, and started work with Gunjan Arora under their label “Sirali” .

To play the lead role, Rahul has zeroed in onto Shahid Kapur, talking about this decision, he says, “I want Shahid to play lead protagonist in my movie. He has got talent and fits perfectly into the role. The movie revolves around my experiences in the fashion circuit and how I have evolved over the years.”

Jain says, this movie will show the world that it Fashion Industry is not all glitz and glamour, there is a lot of turmoil which goes behind the flashiness . He further added that the movie will not be fiction , but  will portray all that he has seren and observed over the years. It will be the harsh reality of the fashion world, and will also showcase the exploitation angle of this domain.