News|November 23, 2011 4:18 pm

Ravi Kishan meets with accident on the sets of Issaq

Ravi Kishan while shooting for his upcoming film ‘Issaq’ in Benaras met an accident, its the modern adaptation of Romeo Juliet featuring Prateik as the lead, its directed by Manish Tiwary.

Talking about the accident Ravi Kishan said,

We were shooting for Issaq in Benaras and the shot required me to come out of a Ford Endeavour and fire at a truck. The truck was coming towards me and I was ready to fire when all of a sudden I realized that something is wrong. The truck’s brakes had failed and before I could react, it came crashing on me. I just tilted sideways a bit so luckily survived but it still seems like a miracle. The Endeavour which was behind me is completely smashed.

Main Shivji Ka Bhakt Hoon aur Benaras Shivji Ka Sthan Hai. Unhi Ki Kripa Hai Ki Main Bach Gaya.

Ravi Kishan is adviced to take complete rest for atleast 10 days.