News|October 2, 2012 12:02 pm

Raveena Tandon receives a Best Actress nomination for her upcoming film

After Sridevi is coming back to Silver screen with her latest film, its Raveena Tandon who followed her footsteps. Raveena Tandon is ready with her upcoming film directed by Sudipto Chatterjee. The film has her essaying the role of a socialite columnist and author.

The project also marks the actress’ comeback in Bollywood after five years. Recently, the actress has been keeping busy travelling to film festivals across the globe to talk about her film. Raveena says,

The film was shown as the finale film of Chicago Film Festival, and will be the finale film at the Houston Film Festival as well, under the competition category. I have also got a nomination for the Best Actress award.

The actor says that this acclaim means a lot to her.

I have had hits, superhits, silver jubilee, golden jubilee etc, but seeing your work getting appreciated at a global level is a high altogether.

she says. Raveena will have an intense relationship with a struggling Bollywood actor.

We have not tried to be judgmental, but explored the situations in the two lives that lead them to such a juncture.

she concludes.