News|February 22, 2011 1:00 am

Ranveer Singh Playing Again Delhi Lad in Ladies…!

After playing a Delhi boy’s character in his first film, Band Baja Baraat , once again, Ranveer Singh will again Delhi boy in his second film, Ladies Versus Ricky Bahl.

The actor will once again play character of Delhi boy and he has been asked by Yashraj to

“hold on to that Dilliwala accent and that abrasive insolent attitude.”

His decision to play the ‘same’ character again has led to some stress with filmmakers who want to cast him. Habib Faizal wrote Band Baaja Baaraat confirms that the actor is indeed facing problems getting out of character. He says,

“Yes, he hasn’t left Bittu behind. Even his text messages are strewn with Delhi colloquialisms. That’s because he is a method actor. He got so much into his character that he finds it hard to get out of it.

Throughout the making of the film he rode the Delhi buses, ate at roadside stalls, visited the colleges mingled with the local people.

By the end of the film he had become one with his character. Naturally, he now finds it hard to abandon ‘Bittu Sharma’.”

But Habib feels the lad will find a way out of his first character as soon as he signs a third film.

“I’m sure his preparation for the second film would be as intense as the first.

He will snap out of it. Ranveer is a Bandra boy. But at the moment he’s very much the Delhi boy.”

Hope, Ranveer will be able to do the same magic as he did in Band Baja…!