News|January 27, 2011 8:20 am

Ranbir to Empower the Girl Child!

After playing a youngest politician in Rajneeti, now Ranbir Kapoor has become the youth leader for Shabana Azmi’s initiative to empower the girl child.

In Mijwan, Shabana Azmi’s ancestral village in Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh, she has been relentlessly fighting to educate girls. And now Ranbir has also joined the campaign to spread awareness about it now. Excited Ranbir stated,

“My parents always treated my sister Ridhima and me equally. In fact, my sister always got preferential treatment. That’s the way it should be in every household. I want the girl child to be given a little more attention than the son. And I want to work towards creating that awareness.”

Ranbir’s first-hand encounter with a girl child from Mijwan changed his life completely. She’s a 10-year old girl called Surekha from Mijwan. Ranbir fell in love with the little girl’s indomitable spirit. Shabana says,

“Bringing little Surekha who had never been out if Mijwan to Mumbai to meet her benefactors from the film industry was a wise move. It gave a face to the movement. It specially moved Ranbir who has now agreed to be the youth leader in the village of Mijwan.”

Finally, Ranbir also started joined social-cause!