News|January 1, 2011 8:29 am

Ranbir Refuses Mira’s Reluctant

What is true, what is untrue, or its all rumor spread across! Well, that would be decided either by Ranbir Kapoor or Mira Niar. After approaching Shahid Kapoor for the role of her film The Reluctant Fundamentalist, the International director approached Ranbir Kapoor for the same role but surprisingly he also denied.

Reason behind Ranbir’s denial is that he did not like the script of her film that has been adapted from the cult 2007 novel by Mohsin Hamid about the tragic fall of a Pakistani youth because of love. And he immediately refused the role.

Mira approached the actor’s manager asking for his date to discuss the project with him. But the actor, who has his hands full, did not even have dates to spare as Mira wanted him for three months from March. He simply bowed out of the project.

The filmmaker, meanwhile, now plans to cast an NRI Pakistani for the lead and shooting for the film will begin in Delhi.