News|June 2, 2010 12:58 am

Ranbir Particular About On-screen Mom

Ranbir Kapoor is not only choosy about his roles but also his screen mothers; he is very particular about who plays his mum on screen. It may be because he has very high standards at home to equal on screen. Isn’t amazing, might be he is practicing perfectionism in every aspects of character.

Few days back, Ranbir said,

“My mom was and is a fabulous actress. But the person that I see on screen is not my mother. I see them as two different entities. I can’t see my mom playing my mother.”

When it came to Rajneeti, he was very particular who will play his on-screen mother. After considering several unusual actresses for the part of his mother including Raveena Tandon (who thought she wasn’t old enough to play Ranbir’s mother) and Mrinal Kulkarni, the director, Jha zeroed in on a completely new 30-year old aspiring actress named Nikhila Tirkha .

Prakasj considered Nikhila for her facial resemblance to her screen-son Ranbir. Parkash Jha says,

“I was very clear that the facial resemblance has to be very strong. I wanted Ranbir, Arjun Rampal to look like brothers, which they do, and I wanted the actress playing Ranbir’s mother to look like him.”

And when Ranbir saw his on-screen mother, he immediately gave his nod. The director says,

“When Nikhila auditioned for the part I instinctively knew she was right for the part although she has had no acting experience. In fact Ranbir who’s much younger than her was far more experienced. But he never let her feel like a newcomer.”

Totally new to acting, Nikhila is playing a young woman who takes over a political dynasty and later, her US- based son Ranbir’s mother in this dynastic saga.