News|June 27, 2012 1:32 pm

Ranbir copying Shah Rukh Khan?

A few days ago news about Ranbir being summoned by Rajasthan police for the hearing of the case filed against him for smoking in public in Udaipur during the shooting of Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani was in talks.

The complaint was lodged by Harendra Singh under Section 5 of Rajasthan Prevention of Smoking Act; Ranbir was to appear before the court on June 26, 2012. But a recent report says the star kid didn’t make it for the hearing.

Now Ranbir is asked to be present for the hearing on July 26 or else he will be sentenced to a maximum imprisonment of six months or will be charged with a fine of Rs 200. Rs 200!!! Ranbir can’t afford that (Pun intended).

But interesting point to note is that, the same thing happened with SRK when he was caught smoking in a Rajasthan stadium during an IPL match. Even SRK didn’t make it to court hearing and then the hearing was postponed. Did u notice some similarities, smoking, Rajasthan, complaint lodged, absence for the case hearing. What is this a mere co-incidence?

We all are aware that Ranbir considers SRK as his senior and also addresses him by “Sir” (try to recollect last years filmfare awards), so is he copying him? Or is he inspired by him? Better not to comment on this topic huh fellas.