News|August 8, 2011 3:35 pm

Rana and Kangana are not doing ‘Kris And Suri’

The news of Kangna Ranaut and Rana Daggubati doing ‘Kris And Suri’ together is all rubbish said Rana, they both are not paried in any such film, and he has no clue from where this news came in,

Kris and Suri is the film of director Rajshree Ojha, which is on the starting stage and nothing is yet been finalized,

Source said,

Rana has been totally taken aback with this announcement. He was not even in loop when the news break happened around this new movie. Being new to the Bollywood business, he has no clue how such rumours originate. He certainly wants to work in more Hindi films and also break the jinx of lost pairing with Kangna. However, Kris And Suri doesn’t feature in his current plans.

Rana Said,

I have no clue where did this one come from but the reality is that I haven’t signed Kris And Suri. In fact after Department and a Telugu movie that I am doing simultaneously, I would be most likely doing a Tamil film next. A Bollywood project would be only after that.

When asked how he plans to take these rumors in Bollywood he said,

Well, I am taking it all with a bag full of salt, Amongst all the good things, this is something that I choose not to learn in Mumbai. In one year flat I have seen rumours fly thick. How does that happen? Well, I am not interested in knowing. Tomorrow if something really serious happens, I know I can rely on Twitter to make good clarifications.