News|July 1, 2011 4:52 pm

Ram Gopal Verma: Its not a Biopic

Not all True stories are biopic, and that is what Ram Gopal Verma the maker of ‘Not A Love Story’ trying to explain,

Verma said,

The film is not a biopic. It has been inspired by the incident but not based on that particular incident. The characters are imaginative and I wanted to show the state-of-mind or the emotion that might have driven them to do such a crime,

The original is ‘In the summer of 2008, two lovers killed a man, had sex in front of the body, cut it into pieces, packed it in a shopping bag and disposed it’

And in the film, the actors Mahie Gill and her fiance Deepak Dhobrial murders Ajay Gehi and burn his body pieces in a jungle.

This is a story of two very ordinary people. The girl in the film is a very simple girl, the ones I meet regularly in course of my career. One fine morning, how these simple people can go completely bizarre and do such a terrible thing, which a normal person cannot imagine.