News|October 15, 2010 7:34 am

Rakesh Mehta’s Khudakushi Has No Big Star

Khudakushi, project of Rakesh Mehta, has nothing to do with suicide cases but the flick is basically based on two Muslim youngsters who get involved into terrorist activities. The director clarified that he is not any big actors for this flick.

Describing more the flick, Rakesh says,

“The story is about two Muslim youngsters who get involved in terrorist activities. Later, they realise that the crimes they have been involved in uptil then had nothing to do with their religion. However, it is too late for them to escape.”

The people who get involved usually come from economically weak backgrounds. Through this film I want to show that terrorism has got nothing to do with religion. Also, my movie is not against or for any particular religion.”

When asked about why he is not releasing the film in India though the film has already received 12 international film festivals so far, debutant director,

“My film has no star power. I don’t want it to be just another good film that flopped commercially. I don’t want my debut film to be tagged a flop. I know we have some critically acclaimed movies, but most of them are said to be commercially unviable. The movie will come to India via satellite late.”

When asked about what about doing commercial movies, he said,

“I’ve already been signed for Crash, a story of four youngsters whose paths cross. Crash is not similar to the Hollywood hit of the same title. The similarities end there. The story is entirely different.”

Rakesh will continue making independent films and those more suited to Bollywood audiences, too.

“I’ve already been requested by a south Asian foundation to make another independent film. I’ll work on it after finishing Crash.”