News|October 4, 2009 11:31 pm

Rajneesh has a fetish!


Stop your horses right there, people! The fetish we are talking about here, is that of superheroes. Bollywood actor Rajneesh Duggal is so very obsessed with them that he has this huge collection of merchandises, such as t-shirts, belts, and boxers with images of them.

“I was forever inspired by these superheroes and the powers that they portrayed. Whenever I go shopping the first thing that I put my sight on are superhero accessories. In my free time too, I am usually watching a superhero flick or playing superhero games,” said Rajneish, who is going to be a father soon., and is going to be seen acting in Vikram Bhatt’s next production “Phhir”.

According to a source, he even has a phantom-key chain, spider man callertune for whoever calls him, and also keeps superhero soft-toys on his car’s backseat. Guess, guys can never grow up,na?