News|October 9, 2010 7:16 am

Raghubir Finds Hitler’s Role Tough

Remember months ago we talked about film on Adolf Hitler, called “Dear Friend Hitler”, for which initially Anupam Kher signed to play Hitler’s character but later on the actor backed out saying that his fans can’t see him in Hitler’s role. The latest buzz is that now Raghubir Yadav will play a title role of Adolf Hitler.

Although, the actor is also finding tough to play the character, but still Raghubir wants to give his best shot. The actor says,

“I usually don’t fear taking up roles that are difficult, so I agreed for this one.  Meri jaan aafat mein aa hi gayi! The character I play is totally different from who I am.”

When asked about the makeup to get into the role, Raghu replied,

While doing theatre, I was taught that looks don’t matter as long as you are sincerely working on acting. If you are deeply involved in your role, it comes on your face as well.”

And how was it working with a taller co-actor (Neha Dhupia, who plays his love interest and wife, Eva Braun)?

“Mujhe thoda dar lag raha tha unse milne se pehle, as I’ve never worked with her, and haven’t worked much in mainstream cinema. But she has been supportive. Yeah, she is very tall, and on top of that, wears high heels. That amuses me. But so far, there have been no problems because of the height gap!” “I don’t know how my role will come out. Untill I get to see the edited reel, I will be restless.”