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Mani Ratnam Director of many hit movies is making another movie with the subject of our ancient book Ramayana, with the name ‘Raavana‘.

This movie not only has a big name Mani Ratnam but the startcast also has bigies like Aishwarya & Abhishekh Bachchan in it, and music being made by another big name A.R.Rehman.

The movie is being shoot since long time and is deffinitly not on time , the shoots keeps getting longer and logner because of some or the other problems. Earlier BIG Pictures were with the movie but its heard that they have backed off too, but the CEO of company has assured that Big picture is still financing the the movie.

The movie was supposed to be released by april 2010 but because of unwanted obstracles the movie is being delayed .

Mani Ratnam is not superstitious but because of these hurldes he has been adviced by many people to change the name of the movie and get some pooja done.

But Mani Ratnam is still standing strong and not changing the name, the problems he faced during the making were endless, the problems started from day one of the shoot.

The biggest problem till now was Mani Ratnams health, movie was stopped in the month of april because he had a heart attack.

Later on they fired Bipasha basu who was playing the character of Mandodari the wife of Abhishekh’s character in the movie,

Govinda too was fired when he reached after the time on the set when he was actually suppose to shoot the most important scene of the movie and as a ressult the scene was not shoot at all.

One of the song Pairon Pe Jannat Hai from the movie was also roumered to be leaked and heard that it is very melodious.

These were not enough that Mani Ratnam started feeling that one of the cast Vikram is being more projected in the movie other then Abhishek who is the lead , so he called a meeting and asked the whole cast to give fresh dates to re-shoot few scenes, also Mani Ratnam was impressed by the cinematorgrapher Santosh Sivans work in Asoka that he wants to include him in the movie to make his movie impressing, and hence called him to re-shoot some other shots too.

Because of somany editions and hurdles the movies budget is also going higher and higher which the crew is not ready to reveal, but one of them has said that this movie is one of the biggest in India, its one of the expencive movie made in the country.

Movie Stills:

The movies starcast is Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Govinda, Vikram & Priyamani.

This movie is made in Tamil version to0,

The star cast for Tamil is Aishwarya Rai, Prithviraj, Karthik, Prabhu Ganesan & Vikram.

Here is the Hindi Cast Photos: