News|March 5, 2012 11:31 am

Purab, the next Dhanush?

When actor Purab Kohli agreed to support filmmaking graduate Adeeb Rais on his short film, Kuchh Spice To Make It Meetha, which was released on YouTube on Thursday, he surely didn’t know what to expect. Now, within 48 hours of being released, the film has managed to get over nine lakh hits worldwide.

Overwhelmed by the unprecedented response, Adeeb says,

I am in a complete state of shock. None of us expected the numbers to be so high in no time.” His film revolves around the dilemma of today’s youth — to marry or not to marry. People now have live-in relationships without getting married, so this commitment phobia is the basis of the film.

he explains.

The 23-minute film, though made on a shoestring budget, features actors like Purab Kohli, Nauheed Cyrusi, Sanjeev Kapoor (in a special appearance), Mansheel Gujral and Mustafa Hussain.

Adeeb, who started work on the film with his savings and some help from his friends, reveals,

I wrote the script while I was studying at Whistling Woods. I had pitched it to Purab and Nauheed and told them I had no money to pay them, but they were supportive and agreed to do the film for free.

While most short films head towards the festive circuit, Adeeb decided to bypass the route and instead settle for a mass medium like YouTube. “Usually, short films are off-beat, festival-centric and a bit arty. But this is a fun film about the common man. It’s a light and entertaining film,” he says, adding, “The internet is an unexplored platform. So I decided to release and promote it on the web.”