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Puja Jatinder Bedi talks about ‘Ghost’ and Shiney Ahuja

Featuring Shiney Ahuja and Sayali Bhagat directed and written by Puja Jatinder Bedi ‘Ghost’ is finally releasing on 13th January 2012,

Director Puja Jatinder Bedi speaks about the film, Shiney Ahuja and her belief in Shiney’s abilities as an actor, who is making a comeback after three years on big screen,

Here is her interview,

Tell us about your film ‘Ghost’.
It is a horror thriller film with a mystery element. However, at heart it is a love

Do you believe in ghosts?story, an emotional journey of a couple. Computer graphics used in the film are one of its highlights. Technically, ‘Ghost’ is at par with Hollywood films. We used prosthetic makeup for the movie, which is still rare in Bollywood.

I do believe in one supernatural power. At times you feel that there is a power trying to make its presence felt. All of us have across such incidents.

Why did you choose Shiney Ahuja for the film? Do you think the film can benefit from the publicity from his legal battles?
Shiney Ahuja is an amazing actor. He was an apt choice for the part he plays in ‘Ghost’. I wanted a good looking actor to play the detective in my film. When I was young, I used to work with my uncle in the film industry. He taught me one thing that in showbiz there is nothing called negative publicity. So, it depends on your perception that how you see a situation. And as far as Shiney’s fan following is concerned, I must say audiences still love him.
I have traveled across the country with Shiney and people like him for his talent and acting finesse. People are looking forward to Shiney’s comeback on silver screen.

When did you sign Shiney Ahuja for ‘Ghost’?
Shiney was out on bail when I spoke to his wife Anupam about the project. She called me to meet Shiney at their house in Delhi. He really liked the concept and accepted the offer. We started shooting for the film in 2010.

On a scale of 1 to 10 rate Shiney as an actor?
Shiney is a phenomenal actor and I would give him nine out of ten.

What are your expectations with the film?
I am an extremely positive person. I believe that whatever will be the outcome, it will be good for the film and for us. I have faith in my film and I know it will grab eyeballs. I don’t think any Bollywood horror film can beat ‘Ghost’ in anyway.

It is the era of 3D films. Why didn’t you make ‘Ghost’ in 3D format?
‘Ghost’ is an exceptionally scary film. People would have been scared to death if I would have made ‘Ghost’ in 3D. My team who was working on the final draft of the film had a tough time because of the horrific visuals.

There were reports about you and Sayali Bhagat being uncomfortable shooting with Shiney. Was that true?
I don’t know about Sayali, but me and Shiney had a few problems initially. We were working together on a project for the first time so some professional friction was obvious. Apart from that, Shiney has been a part of big budget films mainly, but I had limited resources for my film. Everything settled down soon and both of us bond really well now. We have been spending a lot of time together these days for the promotion of our film. Shiney is a very funny guy and fun to hang out with.

Tell us more about Julia Bliss who plays an important role in the film.
I met Julia during the auditions. My gut feeling said that Julia was the right option for my film. She has done a commendable job. She had to be on the sets for long hours with the prosthetic makeup on. It is a tough task, as because of the makeup you can’t eat anything and your skin doesn’t breathe. However, Julia managed it well and I am happy with her performance.

With some big budget films like ‘Players’, ‘Agneepath’ being released in January, do you think ‘Ghost’ stands a chance?
Frankly speaking, films are counted as big and small on the basis of their box office collection. It is the number game that matters today. ‘Ghost’ stands a good chance to impress viewers as the film has high production values. Intelligent story telling is another highlight of the film. I have adapted a few chapters from Bible for the film so it has something special for the Christian audiences. I can go on and on about the highlights of ‘Ghost’. I just want to sum up by saying that Shiney’s fans won’t be disappointed with the film.