News|July 8, 2010 1:26 am

Priyanka’s Look Inspired by her Granny in Saat Khoon…

There are lots of buzz around Bollywood over Vishal Bhardwaj’s next flick Saat Khoon Maaf, in which Priyanka is playing protagonist – from a 21-yearl-old girl to 65-year-old woman. Priyanka has seven looks in the film, on which, she is also playing a 65-yearl-old woman. The interesting part is that 65-year-old look is inspired by her grandmother.

The make-up artists took Priyanka’s mother and grandmother’s photograph to do a dummy test on Priyanka’s age. A source says,

“They wanted to make Priyanka look as authentic as possible. They wanted the progression of age to look as apparent in the older Chopra women.”

For this character, Priyanka needs to play a wife of Naseeruddin Shah, for that she needs to look at a age of 65 year. As per source,

“They did a couple of images on the computer to show the natural transition from 30 to 65. Then they used her grandmother’s photo to try and make her look as close to her as possible. It was a unique way of working and even Priyanka was stunned with the final result.”

While shooting and doing make-up of Priyanka, Vishal specially banned the use of camera enabled mobile phones on the sets as he believes that Priayanks’ look in the film is the USP of the flick.