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Priyanka: SRK and I can ever be backslapping buddies

Priyanka Chopra who is ready with two films to release, ‘Don 2’ and ‘Agneepath’ and will have other releases in 2012 ‘Barfee’ and the Kunal Kohli’s subsequent and ‘Krrish 3’, talks about her and Shah Rukh’s bonding and films off-course,

Your impression in Don 2 is being labelled as Jungli Billi. Are you a Jungli Billi off-screen as well?
Yes, I am utterly a Jungli Billi. I mount adult for myself and I won’t endure being treated badly. That’s jungli enough.

Does your character, Roma, go by a mutation in this film?
Yes, she has developed in a final 4 years. She goes by a change in her beliefs and in her personality. She is angrier and some-more upset. It was unequivocally formidable to act in a supplement since I had to take a same impression I played a initial time turn and make it some-more interesting. But Farhan (Akhtar, a director) has created all a characters brilliantly. Don 2 has some implausible dhishoom-dhishoom action, banging cars etc. And I get to do some implausible movement sequences like vehicle chases. There is a fist quarrel that my impression gets into too. I had to ready for all my movement sequences.

Now that weyou have worked with Shah Rukh again, has he turn your buddy?
I don’t consider we can ever be backslapping buddies. He has always been somebody I have dignified and saying such an extraordinary actor on set is a pleasure. I feel an extensive volume of honour for him.

Do you ever prognosticate a Don 3 or Don 4 with personification a Don?
No, let him be a Don. I’d most rather be a Jungli Billi (laughs).

You have finished dual remakes, Don and Agneepath, back-to-back. Which impression was worse to play?
In Agneepath, I play a reduce center category Maharashtrian girl, so to pull on that impression was unequivocally engaging for me. Don is a slick, cool, movement film. Both a characters were severe and different.

Have you had a possibility to see Katrina Kaif’s object number, Chikni chameli from Agneepath yet?
I have seen pieces of a song. I have been sharpened for 3 films during a same time so I haven’t unequivocally gotten around to saying a full strain yet. I am unequivocally vehement about Katrina being a partial of Agneepath, since it will supplement so most to a excellence of a movie. I adore a song, and she will be implausible in it.

Speaking of which song have unexpected insincere vital significance in your life – you will shortly be debuting with your possess song album!
Music was something that I was always unequivocally lustful of and this was an engaging event that came my way. Now let’s see where it goes. I am not unequivocally meditative about it and putting vigour on myself. I will wait to see when it happens.

In what approach have you collaborated with general star Jay Sean for your album?
Jay has created a integrate of songs for my album. But eventually a songs that stay in a manuscript will be a ones a tag takes. We worked together and wrote a few songs and had lot of fun doing it.

Are you a lerned singer?
I lerned in Western Classical song while I was in US.

You have created a lyrics for your songs in an album. So what do they exhibit about your personality?
Well, lyrics are a thoughtfulness of one’s personality. It is not like I am going to be essay report about myself. I am a unequivocally private chairman though I brief a lot of my celebrity into my songs and in a lyrics I write.

What kind of song do you like listening to?
I adore listening to a lot of house, hip-hop and cocktail music. At a same time, I like listening to Bollywood songs as well. My biggest low-pitched change has been my father. Music is his hobby so I grew adult on music. I have woken adult in a mornings to Mohammed Rafi, Lataji and Ashaji. I have always been unequivocally musically inclined.

Do we have any skeleton for singing your possess songs in Hindi films?
Not yet. Everything depends on how I am accepted.

Coming behind to films, you have utterly a churned bag entrance adult – Krrish 3 with Hrithik Roshan, Barfee conflicting Ranbir Kapoor and Kunal Kohli’s subsequent with Shahid Kapoor.
I always like to do conflicting genres of movies. I have finished usually three-four days of sharpened for Krrish 3 as yet; and I am unequivocally excited. It’s good to get behind on a set with everybody from a progressing team.

Kunal Kohli’s film has an extraordinary book and you wanted to work underneath his direction.
As for Barfee, it was a extensive plea since it’s a comedy nonetheless during a same time I am personification an autistic character.

What barfee do you like best?
Kaju katri. I eat it whenever I can get my hands on some.