News|November 13, 2010 11:58 am

Priyanka Learnt Driving in 3 Hours

Priyanka Kapoor is always ready to learn new things to get into the character of the film. Recently, the actress learnt left-hand driving for Don 2 – The Chase begins, whereas in Don, she learnt the martial art for the movie.

For a scene, Priyanka had to learn how to drive a left-hand drive or an LHD as in India we drive on right hand side (RHD). A source says,

“Although she knows how to drive, it takes time to get accustomed to an LHD. And to add to Priyanka’s stress, she was informed that the car chase sequence was to be shot in the afternoon, so she had only a few hours to get it right. She rose to the challenge. Along with some stunt assistants, she took off for a deserted stretch in Berlin and picked up how to drive an LHD in just three hours.”

Initially, she was a bit nervous but when they began filming the chase sequence, she performed brilliantly and did it with a flourish and minus any mishaps. Don 2 producer, Riteish Sidhwani says,

“Priyanka had to be familiar with a left-hand drive as that is what was required by the action director and she has done some amazing precision driving.”