News|December 28, 2011 3:22 pm

Priyanka Chopra: ‘Kaali’ is the soul of ‘Agneepath’

Priyanka Chopra speaks about her character ‘Kaali’ in her upcoming film opposite Hrithik Roshan titled ‘Agneepath’, She says her character is the soul of the movie,

Priyanka said,

The best thing about Kaali (her character in the film) is that she is Vijay’s strength. She is the soul, happiness and naughtiness in the film… So to prepare, I had to just follow Karan,

Priyanka has played Maharashtrian girl in ‘Kaminey’ already, and for ‘Agneepath’ she had to play Maharashtrian girl once again, but she has tried her best to keep it as different as possible, she says,

I was playing a Maharashtrian girl for the second time. When Karan Malhotra and I discussed the film, we were very clear that we have to try to keep this character as different as possible from my character of Sweety in ‘Kaminey’ because the personalities of both the girls are different.

Karan was very clear-minded about Kaali’s character. So, it was very easy for me,

‘Agneepath’ is releasing on 26th January 2012.