News|June 21, 2012 12:20 pm

Prem Chopra impressed by Son-in-law’s performance

After working in a series of hit movies, Sharman Joshi finally made debut in solo lead acting with recent release “Ferrari Ki Sawari”.
The film started slowly but gradually caught pace and earned around Rs 15 crore in the opening weekend. Veteran actor Prem Chopra was highly impressed with Sharman’s performance and to mark his success he decided to throw a grand party.

“He is very delighted and very happy. In fact, he is throwing a party for me for the success of my film,”

said Sharman who married Prem Chopra’s daughter Prerna.

Ferrari Ki Sawari is a simple film with touching story based on father-son relationship and how a father works towards fulfilling his son’s dream to play cricket at Lords in London.

“There was no pressure on me, I enjoy my work. I believe in good quality cinema and I am extremely humbled with the audience reaction,”

said Sharman.

“I have seen the film twice. I also saw it during the premiere. It’s a beautiful film. I am very happy for Sharman,”

said Chopra.