News|June 4, 2010 11:20 pm

Pratik Snobs Nagesh Kukunoor

Pratik Babbtr may be not quite old in Bollywood, but he is showing his attitude to directors and producers. Recently, director Nagesh Kukunoor faced his arrogant attitude, when Nagesh approached him for his movie, and he did not bother listening the script.

Currently Nagesh is working on his current project, and his first choice was Shahid Kapoor, but he demanded an exorbitant amount, and thus had to be replaced with his next option Prateek. But this arrogant actor also turned him down with his behavior.  Source said,

“While it’s standard procedure for actors to turn down scripts for various reasons, Pratik did not even offer the courtesy of a hearing. This time it wasn’t for the money, but the arrogant actor blatantly refused to even meet director Nagesh for a narration. It was quite a shock for the director to be at the receiving end from a newbie and he was put off by such arrogant behaviour. The thing that really astonished Nagesh was the fact that Pratik didn’t even bother to meet him or hear the script.”

The attitude may not be healthy from a long term point of view. Source continued saying,

“At the moment, Pratik is in demand, which is nice. But such behaviour would not help him survive in the industry for a long time.