News|July 4, 2012 12:28 pm

Prateik signs Bijoy Nambiar’s TV show, irks family

Prateik may have irked his father’s side of the family when he decided to drop his Babbar surname last year. The young actor has now given his paternal folks yet another reason to be irked with him. Prateik features in an upcoming television series directed by Bejoy Nambiar, ex-husband of his half-sister Juhi Babbar.

Says a source,

He may consider it as a professional assignment but it was something he could have avoided. It might cause an embarrassment to them.

Juhi married Bejoy after over two years of courtship in 2007. They divorced in 2009 and very bitterly too. Last year Juhi tied the knot with telly actor-anchor Anoop Soni.

Interestingly, Prateik was present for all the events during the Juhi-Bejoy marriage. But he was conspicuous by his absence during Juhi’s marriage with Anoop. After he had decided to drop his surname, his half-brother Aarya Babbar had lashed out at him even though his father Raj Babbar had maintained that he was his child just like Juhi and Aarya.

Prateik had paid a visit to the Babbar household for his father’s birthday celebrations. Though he had distanced himself from his father’s family, this was seen as an attempt to let bygones be bygones. But looks like he has stirred a hornet’s nest again.