News|August 23, 2011 7:55 pm

Prakash Jha will make film on creative freedom

From the experience of releasing his film ‘Aarakshan’ Prakash Jha has decided to make a film on the issues a creative director faces,

The experience of battling various organisations and state government for the release of Aarakshan, the issue of reservations in educational institutes has inspired Jha to make a film,

Prakash Jha said,

Why are we filmmakers constantly subjected to efforts to stifle our voices? I was provoked enough to go to the Supreme Court. A lot of filmmakers just succumb to pressure and make whatever adjustments are required of them. We shouldn’t allow this to happen,

The decision of Supreme Court on lifting the ban from Aarakshan to be released is remarkable but Jha is not so happy with it, according it doesnt matter now because of the loss he has faced,

Prakash Jha said,

Even this Friday on August 19 after the court’s verdict there was no way we could release the film. We opened all over UP (Uttar Pradesh) only on Saturday morning to full houses in Varanasi and other places. But at what cost? The film’s collections suffered a big dent because of the ban. Why must we suffer this kind of humiliating authoritarianism ?

There’s a lesson here for all filmmakers. We should not buckle under pressure. My film is not the first to face hurdles from state governments after being censored by the central board of certification. The film industry needs to collectively fight pressures from the outside.