News|May 17, 2012 4:30 pm

Poonam Pandey to strip for SRK!!!

Poonam Pandey aka Controversy Queen, who gained immediate fame when she declared that she, would strip if India won the world cup 2011 and now she has stated the very same thing for Shahrukh Khan and his team Kolkata Knight Riders.

Though King Khan’s team is doing well but still they have lost two matches in recent times and to boost team’s morale Ms. Poonam Pandey is ready to strip.

In a recent interview Poonam Pandey stated that if SRK asks her to strip she’ll do it for him as well as for the team. She further added that if Stripping really helps the team win matches than there is no harm in doing it!!!

At present, always ready to strip Poonam Pandey is all set for her debut Bollywood movie and she claims the movie to be the boldest film in the history of Indian Cinema.