News|January 12, 2012 11:19 am

Playing pregnant woman was cakewalk for Vidya


Vidya Balan who portrayed the role of a sex symbol in her film ‘The Dirty Picture’ says, it was a cakewalk to play a pregnant woman in search of her husband in ‘Kahaani’,

Vidya said,

It was not tough at all. During our college life, we all friends used to do all the nautankis and these stand-up items. And my favourite role would always be of a pregnant woman. So the walk and all came to me very naturally,

Vidya is currently promoting ‘Kahaani’ for the same she comes at the promotional event with a baby bump, just like she did for The Dirty Picture promotions coming in the kind of outfits she wears in the film,

Kahaani is releasing on 9th March 2012.

Vidya praises her director Sujoy Ghosh even after giving so much of efforts herself,

He is very energetic. We managed to shoot continuously for 64 days without any break. Sujoy would not let the mood drop.

So far Vidya has never worked with any director twice, she says,

I don’t make any rules. I would be happy to work with the directors with whom I have already worked. Few times it didn’t work out. May be in future I will work with them. I am very greedy.