News|October 10, 2009 10:17 pm

People try to malign Salman


When Asin signed London Dreams opposite Salman Khan, a lot was said to her about the brash bollywood hero and his attitude. But she was pleasantly surprised that none of it was true, when she actually started shooting with him for London Dreams. “It was too damn strange that even before reporting for the film’s shoot, there was this particular notion being built in my mind about Salman Khan and his high handed attitude .

“See, we all know about Aamir Khan being so disciplined. So once I signed ‘London Dreams’ with Salman, various kinds of stories started coming my way. People commented that ‘Aah, you have worked with Aamir; now see what it is to be with Salman’,” Asin was heard saying. But thankfully, all that was way too far from reality. Asin says there were umpteen such instances when she came across a different side of Salman and could easily rubbish off all what she had heard earlier.

Apart from seeing to the timely completion of the movie schedule, Salman was a thorough proffessional too who did not let his personal issues hinder the movie making in anyway. Well, good for you, Asin!