News|May 26, 2010 1:25 am

Himesh getting Passionate in Kajraare

The trailers says and sources also says that Himesh Reshammiya has given a very intense romantic scene in Pooja Bhatt’s next ‘Karjaare’.

We have heard that Himesh was not comfortable with the scene but Pooja explained why it is so required, and he agreed to it,

Source said,

Pooja has had passionate scenes in all her films, be it Paap or Dhokha. Kajraare is a romantic film, the passion between Himesh and Monalisa was important.

Its a fillum about a Lawyer who searches his love a dancing girl, whole fillum is shot in Petra, Jordan.

When asked to Himesh, he said,

It’s a very raw and rustic love story and the chemistry needs to be very intense and passionate. My journey as an actor has just begun and I completely surrendered myself to my director. She has presented me like never before.