News|September 10, 2010 12:47 am

Pakhi: I Wrote Jootha Hi Sahi Script for John

Pakhi, wife of Abbas Tyrewala, was always a fan of handsome hunk John Abraham during her college days. The actress, Pakhi, who is also script writer of her upcoming flick, Jhootha Hi Sahi starring John Abraham, confessed that she has written the script keeping John in mind.

Pakhi who is acting opposite to JohnAbraham in Abbas Tyrewala’s directorial Jhootha Hi Sahi says,

“I wrote this script for John when I was in college. But at that time, he wasn’t available. Then after my marriage, Abbas had gone to talk to John for another project…that’s when he happened to mention this. And John immediately said ‘I’m on’. There was no chance to think of anybody else for the role. It was always John from the beginning.”

“Just like every crazy fan, even I used to collect a lot of pictures of John and even my mobile caller tune used to be his song Aawaarapan (from Jism).It was my dream to work with him.”

When asked from her what did she feel when she met with her favorite star on the sets. The actress replied,

“When I finally got the chance, I realised he has no starry tantrums…he is just truly and superbly inspiring to work with.”

“It used to be quite interesting to think how John, who is among the best looking men in Asia, would play a guy who has the most average looks. But he did it. Believe it or not, within five minutes of the film, you will forget you are watching John Abraham.”

The 26-year-old, who has earlier acted in Hansal Mehta’s Ye Kya Ho Raha Hai, says she is amazed at the actor’s humbleness.

“John used to stand up and give cues for all actors irrespective of whether he is in the shot or not. Now who does that? There was an emotional scene on one bridge and I was extremely nervous about shooting it. But he came forward and encouraged me by saying very inspiring words. He knew everyone’s name on the sets…he is a completely fantastic person.”